Our friends at Kaikado in Kyoto, Japan are masters of art and craft, beginning in 1875. Their traditional tea caddies (Chazutsu) are completely handmade and require an absolutely meticulous process of over 130 steps from cutting the raw materials to polishing and packaging.

Takahiro Yagi is the youngest to represent the Kaikado story and is the sixth generation family member that started with Kiyosuke over 140 years ago. Each caddy is a legacy item and instant heirloom intended to be passed on from generation to generation backed by a promise of ensuring everlasting future use.

Every Kaikado caddy offers a unique performance and continuity only possible with things worthy of passing on to others. We think everyone will appreciate how each caddy carries a specific identity of age through beautifully altering colors.

We approached Kaikado several years ago about partnering with them to help share some of the worlds finest work with our discerning customers. We appreciate their dedication to quality and heritage in our mutual pursuit of "better over more" and commitment to all things artfully created.
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