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Teamotea has long established itself as a reliable partner in the tea market. This was achieved not only because of the supply of high-quality teas, but also because an integrated approach to the organization of the tea business. We not only supply tea from the best tea factories to the customer's door, but also provide our partners with information, advertising and marketing support, depending on the place that they occupy in the tea market: whether it is a wholesale company, a shop or a restaurant with a tea menu.
Tea is one of the most popular beverage in the world. And the demand for it will always be high…
Development of the tea business
Perhaps you are already the owner of a successful tea brand and tea company. But sooner or later any business reaches its top. Therefore…
Development franchise for tea brands
No secret that in more than half the cases the buyer chooses the goods based on the visual effect…
Brand Naming and packaging
Do you like tea? Then you should be wondering how the most popular bewerage in the world gets to the stores shelves…
Tea tourism
Development of the tea business
Tea is one of the most popular beverage in the world. And the demand for it will always be high. The popularity and relevance of tea is also confirmed by the fact that tea is one of the few food products that is traded on stock exchanges. So a tea business is very profitable.

To become the owner of a successful tea company you do not need to spend your time studying the tea market and searching reliable suppliers, creating and registering your brand. All of these steps we make by ourselves and you get a business which runs smoothly.

Our company has a great international experience and more than 70 companies all around the world made their choice. It doesn't matter whether you are only interested in the supply of quality raw tea from the best plantations of China and Taiwan or the organization of business from the first step. Entrusting us with the organization of your business you will get your first profit very soon.

Development franchise for tea brands
Perhaps you are already the owner of a successful tea brand and tea company. But sooner or later any business reaches its top. Therefore, the next step for expanding your business is the creation of your own franchise network. This will bring to your company a whole new level of quality.

The franchise will become an additional advertisement, will help to increase the sales, and also bring tangible profits with the royalties (monetary compensation, which will be paid by the owners of the franchise of your business). But at the same time the organization of a franchise network requires serious knowledgeand experience. Therefore, you can trust the creation of a franchise network to us.

We will take care of all legal aspects and help with entering the market in your region, and also make your franchise attractive for investors from all over the world. Entrusting the organization of a franchises network to us you will receive a completely ready-made business which is aimed at making a big profit in a short time. Develop with Teamotea!
Brandnaming and packaging
No secret that in more than half the cases the buyer chooses the goods based on the visual effect. Therefore the high-quality and bright packaging of your product is primarily a sales tool. And also buyers prefer a product that is produced under the brand, no-name product isn't interesting.

We should pay attention to these two important aspects. We will help you develop a memorable brand, as well as a packaging design that will distinguish your goods on store shelves, attracting buyers with its uniqueness and originality. Our designers have created designs of tea packaging for many European and Asian tea companies.

Make your goods attractive to the buyer, order the packaging design from Teamotea professionals.
Tea tourism
Do you like tea? Then you should be wondering how the most popular bewerage in the world gets to the stores shelves. We invite you to a unique tour to the best tea plantations of China and Taiwan, this you definitely will not be offered in any travel agency!

Each trip is based on the personal preferences of the customer, for example, you can visit the plantations, which are grown some kind of tea. If there are no special preferences, we will offer you a choice of several interesting directions.

During the tea trip you can get to know the ancient Chinese culture of tea drinking. Professional guides will teach you to understand the many varieties of tea, as well as show and tell you how to brew different variety of tea correctly.

On tea plantations you will have the opportunity to purchase tea leaves directly from the bush bypassing the long line of intermediaries. Also tea tours will be interesting to those who sell tea. You will be able to refresh your knowledge about tea and perhaps conclude favorable contracts for the supply of tea directly with the manufacturer.
Behind us we have a huge experience with tea houses and restaurants around the world.

We are aware of the latest trends in the tea world, but most importantly - our company works directly with the best tea plantations in Asia. In our assortment there are more than 500 positions of tea, and for each of us we can give exhaustive information, starting from the age of the tea bush from which the raw materials were collected.

Our tea masters will not only collect the perfect tea card for you, based on your menu, but also teach a spectacular and skilful tea ceremony. In addition, we provide full support - from choosing the best tea utensils, ending with promotional promotions on all available resources
In our assortment list you will find the most popular varieties of tea. For convenience, we divided the tea into 8 categories.
Presence of the quality standard and accuracy of conformity of types/grades
Reliability of our Chinese suppliers
Many years of experience working together
Checking each lot for quality
We regularly compile lists of the best-selling varieties of tea by region. On their basis, we can recommend to our customers both the most popular positions, and the rarest.
In addition to the amazing taste, this tea distinguishes among others and unusual appearance.
One of the most popular varieties of Chinese tea among Europeans. Milk Oolong is rich in antioxidants, beneficial for the body.
One of the most famous Chinese teas. The original of this variety comes from the southern province of Fujian.
Probably, there is no such person who is a tea gourmand who would not dream of trying a real Da Hong Pao. Its taste is sweet with a distinct fruity note, it invigorates the body and mind, helps to concentrate, relieves nervous tension.
The basis for this tea is often served by red tea. Tea leaves are flavored with the help of bergamot - either adding tea to its zest, or flavoring with natural essential oil.
The taste of tea depends very much on the age of the tea bushes from which the leaves were collected: the older the bush, from whose leaves the tea is made, the more refined and rich the drink becomes.
We will show you the wonderful world of tea
Starting to work with us, you do not risk to be in a completely new area for yourself, which will have to deal with from scratch. Becoming our client, you get not only full information support from our experts, but also all our many years of experience acquired during the field work.

We regularly conduct various webinars and trainings in which we share our knowledge with our partners so that they can completely immerse themselves in the processes of the tea business and understand which way the tea leaves pass after gathering before they reach the store shelves.
Opportunities of the partner program
The partner program works according to the system of agency remuneration. Becoming our partner, you attract new customers, giving them our price list. The client makes out an order, and his data is transferred to the sales department of Teamotea.

For the first order you, as a partner, are paid a partner fee of 20% of the order amount, and for the second and subsequent - at a rate of 10%. All clients have a personal ID in our CRM and are assigned to you forever! This means that for each following order of your client, we will charge you a partner's reward
Why work on an affiliate program easily?
Opportunities nearby. Your customers can be restaurants, cafes, tea houses, online stores, tea shops and departments in shopping centers. When you become our partner, you will not have to buy products, open your store, maintain a warehouse, make out accounting documents, and carry out the delivery of orders. We take care of all the processes of interaction with customers.
Possibilities of prompt increase in deliveries during seasonal fluctuations
In times of seasonal fluctuations, other companies have risks of disrupting the supply of products. We have significant free capacities on our own production of raw materials, operational logistics, the ability to quickly respond to unscheduled customer requests.

All products undergo a strict quality check - we will happily provide you with all the necessary certification.
Maximum transparency of
As a reliable supplier, we provide the client with a full calculation of the cost of goods, which contains an honest percentage of marginality.
Special offer for tea shops and wholesalers
A wide range, competitive prices are just a small part of what we can offer. For each client, we draw up a cooperation plan that is right for him.
Are you a representative of a cafe/restaurant?
For you, we will collect a unique tea card, developed in accordance with the menu, and teach your employees to conduct a spectacular tea ceremony.
Thinking about starting a new business?
We will offer you not only quality tea, but also teach all the subtleties of profitable tea business.
We are ready to offer you more than 500 grades of Chinese tea of any grade made at the best tea factories of China, Taiwan and Japan.

In our warehouse in Moscow there are always the most popular and popular varieties. And if you are interested in rare or collectible samples, then in 8-10 days we will bring them from our head office, which is located in the center of the tea world - in the Fangcun district of Guangzhou.

We provide our clients with all necessary documents, in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. It is possible both cash and non-cash payment.
5-20 KG
Small wholesale
from 20 KG
Large wholesale

We are glad to present you a unique book - Encyclopedia of Chinese tea, authored by Evgeniy Smoley, founder of Teamotea.

Under the cover of the «Encyclopedia of Chinese Tea», reliable and useful information was collected on the most significant varieties of Chinese and Taiwanese teas, all materials were obtained from the mouths of the best Chinese and Taiwanese practitioners.

This book is primarily interesting for those who do not represent their day without a cup of tea, but all the knowledge about the fragrant drink is taken from the annotation on the package - from the encyclopedia you will learn which way the tea leaves pass from the time of collection, before they get on the shelves of stores.

You will learn to distinguish between different types of tea, even in appearance and be able to operate with elementary tea terms.

A high-quality and bright packaging of goods is, first of all, a sales tool.

We will help you develop a memorable brand, as well as a packaging design that will distinguish your goods on store shelves, attracting buyers with its uniqueness and originality.

Our designers have created a tea packaging design for many European and Asian tea companies. All the tea that we deliver to our customers can be packaged for individual convenience in individual packages designed for one brewing - pyramids and sachets.

A paper cup with a hot drink is almost the same as the obligatory attribute of a modern person, such as a mobile phone.

But, as a rule, in the format to go you can buy only coffee in its various variations. Glasses with tea - an exclusive product of Teamotea, which is rapidly gaining market share in the "take-away"; market.

Each glass is designed for one tea leaves: tea leaves, separated by a special membrane, are at the bottom of the container.

Tea in citrus is an original and healthy drink that is pleasant to drink both in winter cold and in summer heat.

To produce such tea, only organic raw materials are used: mandarins and limes grown in ecological conditions.

Teamotea specialists create original compositions from various kinds of citrus and different sorts of tea: for example, puerh in large mandarins or white tea in the middle Xiao Qingan. Such tea will be an excellent additional source of vitamins and nutrients!