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Dian Hong


Dianhong is considered to be of an upmarket oolong tea type. The reason is that plucking it is quite a challenging matter. To make it, they only use silky buds...

Jin Jun Mei


Jin Jun Mei is translated as “Golden Eyebrows”. It can readily be understood that this variety is also cultivated where “Silver Eyebrows” is. Jin Jun Mei gained popularity in Europe...

Keemun Black Tea


This is a collectors’ tea blend and, in its time, was favoured by the English aristocracy. Qi Men Hong Cha tiny leaves are black coloured and of smooth texture. This...

Lapsang Souchong


This is a vintage red tea blend. The unique taste is obtained through a specific method of tea leaves processing. When it is packed in fermentation baskets, next to them...

Black Paste


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